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Statement of Support for PA Equality and Non-Discrimination

The LGBT Center of Greater Reading creates, administers and provides services, advocacy and support to the greater Reading LGBTQ+ community, including our allies, with the goal that all may live a life of fulfillment, inclusion and celebration.

We believe that the future livability and prosperity of our local and statewide Pennsylvania

communities depends on a strong economy and ensuring equal opportunity for all. Currently,

however, LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanian’s do not get to appreciate full protections from


Protecting LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanians from discrimination is about living up to our commonly

shared values and will help the commonwealth be truly open for business to all. Updating Pennsylvania’s non-discrimination laws will strengthen our local community and our state and is a key factor in making Pennsylvania a top economic competitor. Reforming applicable law to include sexual orientation and gender identity will ensure that Pennsylvania businesses can recruit and retain the best talent.

We the undersigned believe that nondiscrimination protections strengthen our businesses and communities and are not a burden. We believe that when our employees and their families are fully supported and protected, we are more productive and better off as businesses and as a society. As employers of Pennsylvanians across every region of our commonwealth, we believe that the surest way to support a growing economy is to attract, retain, and develop the best talent to work in the Keystone State. Successful businesses understand the importance of fostering workplaces that are inclusive and welcoming to all people.

Together, we can ensure that Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to work, live, and raise a family—for everyone.

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